Retro cartoon crew
spring 2022 | Curtis Lee, Johnathan Cassady, Jack Cameron, Karan Shah, Will Foy, Yash Mittal, Max Stockdale
Collaborative NFT project

Retro Cartoon Crew (RCC) is an NFT project on the Solana blockchain. As A lead designer, I led the concept development, branding, and the creation of social media assets to develop the vintage rubberhose style collection. Over 3 months, we worked on the story, branding, PR strategy, and oversaw the designing of our themed website, social media, and posters. 
branding | User research | marketing
tools: procreate | figma | Illustrator | HTML/CSS
Brand Identity
Retro Cartoon Crew is a return to the child that lives within each of us. In this mysterious yet familiar artwork, we rediscover our lost love for old cartoons and forgotten characters through a modern pop culture lens.
We drew 250+ attributes and used Python to randomly mix these attributes to generate 5,000 individual NFTs, few of which are animated.
Animated Models

marketing poster

Marketing assets
designed social media posts and devised a 3-week PR project reveal strategy via Twitter, the most popular social media platform for NFT projects and cryptocurrency related content. 

discord Banner Design

User Research
Our user research was conducted through Discord voting and it informed the art style that is effective in communicating the RCC brand identity.
We decided on which hand-drawn attributes to incorporate in our collection based on the votes from our Discord community. In addition to this, our Discord and Twitter community also gave us qualitative feedback on our iterations. Our discord server at that time had 3,400+ members and our Twitter profile had 1,000+ followers

Website Design
Our themed website was designed to exemplify the visual aesthetic of our brand. We used vintage textured paper as the background and incorporated design assets like a vintage camera film carousel. We also illustrated a retro TV to display on the loading screen to communicate the RCC brand identity on the first glance.​​​​​​​
To create a delicate balance between the elegance of old cartoons and the glamor of modern pop culture, our bright colors are softended with vintage patterns and art styles like the Rubberhose. Our typefaces compliment the retro linework of our patterns and illustrations.
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