Hey there! My name is Max, and I’m a conceptual designer and animator at cmu studying experiential + brand design with a minor in environmental and sustainability studies. I have a deep appreciation for the power of art and design to tell stories and create meaningful connections. 
As a kid, I loved to build things. From light-sabers to spy-gadgets, I was highly curious and always creating. My background in fine arts and animation has taught me to value aesthetics and creativity while also honing my attention to detail. As someone who has spent countless hours perfecting brush strokes and color palettes, I know the importance of taking the time to get things just right. 
At the same time, I believe that art and design should serve a purpose beyond just looking good. That’s why I’m passionate about story-driven design, which puts the narrative and user experience at the forefront of the creative process. Whether I’m working on a school project, commissioned piece, or a personal sketch, I always strive to create designs that tell a compelling story and resonate with the intended audience.
If you’re looking for a designer who can bring a unique combination of creativity, attention to detail, and story-focused thinking to your project, I’d love to chat or grab a drink. Let’s work together to create something beautiful and meaningful!​​​​​​​
max stockdale | maxstockdale@gmail.com
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