spring 2023 | Julianna Bolivar, Anthony Pan, Olivia Luk, Max Stockdale
social media campaign

Brief: create an exhibition of speculative work by designing a persuasive artifact that might exist in the near future. This final artifact could take any of a number of forms: a poster, object, piece of software, environment, time-based media piece, social media campaign, game, song, garment, device, video, speculative fiction, campaign ad, etc.
research | Future-based | Branding
Tools: Figma | Cinema4D | Redshift
Concept + ideation
Promoting an increased usage of bidets...
1. Promoting Health, Hygiene & Sustainability
2. De-stigmatizing Bidets
3. Friendly, Lighthearted Social Media Campaign
We are hoping to promote an increased usage of bidets in public and private restrooms; half of all bathrooms in the United States will have bidets by the end of 2030.
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