Enriching the Tour Experience
Fall 2021

Luca Cao  |  Max Stockdale

A mixed reality tour of CMU campus for prospective students and their families that blends the real world with virtual to create hybrid experiences. What will technology be like in 10 years?

Interaction Design  |  AR prototyping  |  Storyboarding
Preliminary Research

In traditional college tours, visitors have limited freedom, it’s not very engaging, summer and fall tours are drastically different, and visitors receive a lot of broad information. How can we use wearable technology to create a more engaging experience? What are key stories that need to be told about CMU and how should this information be delivered? 
One thing from my experience of the campus tour is that you only get to experience a specific section of the life of a CMU student. Focusing on a single stop in the tour, we decided to choose the College of Fine Arts. This way we can focus on the auditory component of those spaces. Some other things we wanted to implement was a voice assistant and gesture controlled interactions. Overall our goal was to convey useful information, but more importantly, tell a story. 
Focus on Audio

Considering the tour during the summer, there will not be as much going on around campus. Therefore we want prospective students to have a similar experience to those visiting in the fall/spring. Not only this, but music brings out the emotion, personality, and feelings of the students and their shared experiences on campus.
Tour Route
Tour Route
Visual Assets

Pinch & Drag
Double tap
Systems Map

As technology takes a larger role in our life, we as designers need to make sure it is not used as a distraction. Separating the physical and virtual world creates this disconnect that takes away from the environment and makes these meaningless interactions. Being able to enhance the environment rather than dampening allows people to have more engaged and meaningful experiences within the space. 

Adobe Aero  |  Reality Composer  |  Illustrator  |  After Effects

Final Sketch Video
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