Endangered: Great Egret
Spring 2021
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Three part project of an endangered animal from my hometown, to study its personality, movement, and what factors led to its endangered status


Physical Prototyping  |  Graphic Design  |  Animation
Preliminary Research
Great Egret(Ardea Alba Egretta)

Graceful  |  Powerful  |  Elegant

Special traits or behaviors?
Stalking |  Wading  |  Gliding

Why is it endangered?
Habitat Loss  |  Contaminated Runoff  |  Water Pollution

Figma  |  Illustrator  |  Photoshop  |  After Effects
Plastic Model

Before I began building the model, I went into more depth studying the proportions of the bird. Using tide pod containers, febreze bottles, detergent handles, plastic hangers, and milk containers I was able to simplify the form with pieces of recycled plastic. I exaggerated the S-curve of the neck to better portray its inherent qualities. For my final iteration, I decided to make the overall form more dynamic and allow the beak to open and close.

Final Model

The goal for this poster was to show the animal in its natural habitat and also include subtle hints to why it is endangered. Starting with some simple layout sketches, I wanted to portray the elegance of this bird in the marshes. Considering color and hierarchy, I used illustrator to create depth and shadows in the layout. For my final composition, I simplified the texture in the water, added some floating trash, and a short paragraph to give context. 

Final Layout

Combining everything from the previous parts of the project, I focused on form, habitat, and movement for a short 20 second animation. Using Illustrator elements, I brought them into After Effects and set it to 8 fps. After lots of storyboarding, I began building these compositions and creating my own audio to compliment the movements portrayed.

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