Spring 2023 | Luca Cao, Yash Mittal, Max Stockdale
Giving Life to data
Brief: Shared public spaces are being equipped with IoT devices. Data are collected, stored, used and shared. However, The data that they collect remain intangible for the occupants in these spaces. In this project, we focused on investigating, understanding, and materializing novel modes of engagement with data through new forms of probe, prototype, and speculative design. 
User Research | Sustainability | Data Visualization
Tools: Figma | Rhino | P5.js | Keyshot | Cinema4D | After effects

concept video

Concept + Ideation
Visualize data in the form of an abstract creature that lives in the staircase. Depending on real-time data collected in the building, the creature’s form, color, and behavior change. ​​​​​​​
organic moodboard
organic moodboard
initial storyboard
initial storyboard
User Journey + Systems Diagram
Additional Touchpoints

Adobe Aero

Key Visitor Takeaways + goal
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