Air Pollution:
Delhi, India

Spring 2021


Luca Cao  |  Yash Mittal  |  Shaoting Yan  |  Max Stockdale

Systems thinking poster mapping the air pollution in Delhi, India to locate key problem areas and intervention points within this wicked problem


Systems Thinking  |  Research  |  Gigamapping 


Air pollution in Delhi, India is one of the most hazardous issues that the developing nation is facing today. Through our gigamap we encompassed points of research and intervention recommendations, and developed an understanding of the relationships between the individual elements in this system. Using STEEP analysis, our map is broken down into 5 overarching factors - Agriculture, Industry, Urban Life, Ecology, and Political.


Miro  |  Illustrator  |  Figma  

Our map organizes the info into six sections: intro, feedback loops, mess map, three horizons, interventions, and the impact of globalization. The viewer should approach our map by first reading the introduction and feedback loops to gain a general understanding and breakdown of the wicked problem. Then examine our mess map, three horizons, and interventions recognizing the problem on a more complex level to grasp our approach that intervenes over time. Finally, the viewer should read how the wicked problem ties to economic globalization. 
Feedback Loops

By exploring both the Industrial and Agricultural sectors, we identified an interesting feedback loop revolving around a large population. For the second, we focused on combining industry and urban life to show how job demand increases the need for electricity and therefore the growth of industries. Finally, we talked about how burning coal and crop stubble heavily influence the environment and therefore create another positive loop.  
Intervention Points

For the intervention points we focused on regulations on farms and construction sites, but also encouraged the use of electric vehicles and public transportation. The small colored circles also link to possible leverage points. And to help us better understand the impact and possible consequences of these solutions we included a scale going from the individual, state, and then to the national level.  
Final Map
Feel free to read more! - PDF Link​​​​​​​

Working on this map, we realized how complicated a wicked problem truly is and the number of subsystems it is interconnected to. As designers, it becomes essential to understand how to break these problems down and tackle each subset through different means and perspectives. 

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